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From: The office of Shelley Penney, Video Creator & Internet Marketer
Re: Creating Compelling Cartoon videos

Dear Video Developer:


Have you noticed that people are not watching your videos to the end?

You are not alone! Statistics tell us that most people are clicking away from your video in just TEN SECONDS or less!


Let me tell you what happened to me... maybe you can relate! Don't worry though, this story has a happy ending, and I am going to share the solution with you.

Here's what happened...

I have been marketing online for over a decade now. Back in the day, online marketing was easier. Back then, people were actually excited to get email, and your marketing message got opened and read.

Maybe you were around back then, and  what I am talking about!

Or maybe you've just heard old dinosaurs like me talking about "the good ole days"

Those days are LONG gone!

Today people are becoming immune to most marketing tactics. Like many marketers, I have had to constantly change my marketing tactics in order to compete. The only way to do that has been to stay a little ahead of the trends.

Video marketing is a good example of that. Boy was I ever excited when the first simple video making software hit the market. I was all over that! I was one of the first buyers of the software, and I bought them all. I started pumping out videos and selling them in my local market. I was making a tidy profit too.

Can You Guess What Happened?

(I bet you already know. Maybe it even happened to you!)

13mspuzzled-color blondeIt sure didn't take long for one of my customers to come across a video that looked almost exactly like the one I made for him.

The problem was, I was using one of the templates that came with the video making software, and so was everyone else!

In fact, I had sold a video for $500, and my client found another video using the same template, and selling it much cheaper!

There were a lot of reasons that my video was worth every cent my customer paid. There were a lot more reasons my video was BETTER than the other marketer's video.

My customer only saw that his video LOOKED the same as the other guy's!

Can you just imagine how embarrassed I was?


06mspuzzled-color blondeTo make matters worse, he searched on YouTube and found several more videos using the same template. I had not promised 100% uniqueness, especially for that price, but now I had some creative explaining to do, in order to keep him happy.

Templates for videos were great when these software first hit the market, but in order to STAY competitive, I found I needed to be constantly producing FRESH material for my videos to stand out and actually convert.

If a viewer even THINKS he has seen your video before, he will be gone.

statistics show

I needed to find a way to make my videos appear unique and hold peoples' attention, while still taking advantage of the easy to use video making software and templates. I needed to find a way to...

stand out2

I discovered something that maybe you have found too.... it's not easy to look different when using templates.

Unless you are an artist, graphic designer, or animator, you are stuck with the same old thing everyone else has. Unless of course you want to buy stock images or hire someone. Both are expensive ideas. I don't know about you, but as a self employed internet marketer, I do not have a bottomless expense account.

In order to stay competitive, I need to keep my expenses as low as possible.

18mspuzzled-color blondeI could not find any solution that would keep my videos fresh, new and exciting without breaking the bank.  I was getting desperate!

Any video guru worth their salt will tell you that, if you want a conversion, you must have a strong Call To Action at the end, BUT...if the viewer doesn’t make it to the end of the video, if something distracts them or they become disinterested because the video isn’t unique or captivating enough, they won’t even see the Call To Action. The viewer will click away, never to return.

Have you ever experienced that too?

Don’t take it personally – it’s NOT OUR FAULT!

Think about it … people have busy lives nowadays and time is precious.

There’s always a million and one other things vying for our attention.

I realized I didn’t just need my videos to be unique, I needed a way to superglue the viewer’s eyes to the screen!

I needed a way to engage the viewer’s senses in a way that practically gave them tunnel vision for my videos.

I needed something that GRABBED their attention and KEPT them watching right to the end.

Finally, I decided to set aside my video making, and work on a solution myself.......

.......and then the penny dropped!


Q "How do you get a cat's attention?"




If you’re a cat owner like me, you’ll know unless it’s feeding time, cats have a habit of ignoring you if you try to get their attention – it’s just the way they are.

But tie an object to a piece of string and dangle it in front of their nose or pull it along the floor and BOOM you’ve got the cat’s attention for as long as you care to keep it!

lightbulb moment

It’s not just cats that are attracted to objects that move - people are too!

It’s actually been proven that “motion onset is a strong attentional cue” in human beings. (2)

That’s why you need fresh material AND movement

within your videos.

It’s the exact secret sauce to make your videos stand out!

Motion onset, or in other words, objects that start and stop moving within the video itself, act like a “pattern interrupt” to keep things interesting.

This is the simple solution that is going to “stick” your viewers’ eyes to your videos like superglue. This is how you are going to keep people watching your videos right to the end, so they actually see your Call To Action.

When people are glued to your video instead of clicking away, it automatically means a higher viewer retention rate, higher conversions and ultimately more profits for you!

Introducing ..... VidStickers Animated Objects

VidStickers is a fresh bundle of 40 animated objects, created by me, that will make your videos stand out and inject them with that all important attention grabbing “motion onset”. VidStickers are UNIQUE. Up until now, animations such as these really had limited use for average people, BUT, as video creation software (such as Explaindio, VideoMakerFX etc) evolve, there is all of a sudden a DEMAND for animated elements. VidStickers fills the demand! AND you won't find these ANYWHERE else. That is because we do not outsource. ALL of the VidStickers animations have been designed BY ME and have never before been released! You can't get any more EXCLUSIVE and UNIQUE than that. Each VidStickers object has been carefully thought out and are assets you will actually use in your videos, not just “gimmicky animations” you may like but will probably never find an occasion to actually use.

Tracey Meagher

“Shelley has come up with a varied and creative library of animations that will allow video creatives to instantly add fun and engaging animated content to their videos hassle free.  VidStickers is a more than useful addition to any video makers toolkit.”

Tracey Meagher Graphic Designer and Product Creator

Let's take a look at some of the unique and captivating animations included in the VidStickers package.

  • Add To Cart
  • Alarm Clock
  • Balloons
  • Bumble Bee
  • Binoculars
  • Blender
  • Blind Close
  • Blind Open
  • Bomb Blast
  • Bullseye
  • Cake
  • Clapper
  • Checklist
  • Coffee Pot
  • Conveyor
  • Garbage Can
  • Globe
  • Graph Ball
  • Graph Line
  • Headphones
  • Home Icon
  • Lease
  • Line Men
  • Love It!
  • Magic
  • Man Popup
  • Mobile Map
  • Mobile Points
  • Open Sign
  • Rocket
  • Sale
  • Scales
  • Shark Fin
  • Shopping Cart
  • Shopping Mobile
  • Sold Sign
  • Stove Top
  • Tap Dripping
  • Toaster
  • Wallets

There are also a few "extras" slipped in to give you nearly 50 animations in all!

You don’t just have to use them individually either! Use your imagination and combine two or three objects together for even greater attention grabbing moments in your videos.

VidStickers Is Far More Than Just A Bundle of Fresh, High Quality Animations!

With VidStickers in your videos you will:

  • Save TIME- no need to search for unique content
  • Save MONEY- no need to hire an artist or animator
  • Keep INTEREST- people keep watching
  • SELL MORE- more eyes on your offer = more $ in your pocket

What People Are Saying

Ron Passaro Ron Passaro, Slides and Pro Video Assets, MyHeroDesign.com

There are two important things to know about VidStickers. First off, animated assets are an easy way to add impact and professionalism to your videos. Secondly, the concept of every VidSticker was extremely well thought out and it's exciting to see how many scenarios these assets can be used in. It is this versatility that should earn VidStickers a place in every video creator’s toolkit.

Scott Hamlin Scott Hamlin, Creator of Hand Drawn Whiteboard Megabundle, Eyeland.com

Vidstickers is a fun collection of intuitively chosen animations in a light, appealing, and informal style. They will make an excellent compliment to your videos and presentations and help maintain engagement with your viewers.

Demo video by- Andrea Kalli
Business Video Design, Editing, and Marketing

andrea-kali“I thoroughly enjoy working with Vidstickers to create quick and eye-catching videos for my clients! It takes no time at all to put something together for them when you have a variety of animations which complement the message AND that you can easily insert into the video. The most fun part of all is putting on your thinking cap to come up with the ways they’ll fit into the videos for each client. Let your imagination run wild and get creative. Let your ideas step out of the box. It’s so easy to do with these animations. I love having these in my video toolbox!” Andrea Kalli


Animated .gif by Bronwyn Wilson
Video Creator

bronwyn“Wow, I just got a review copy of Vidstickers... Amazing quality and great animations that can be used for so many different types of applications. Promotions, marketing, and advertising in video production to name a few. They are so easy to use in programs such as Explaindio. Just pop them in. Choose from a variety of play once or looped animations depending on your needs and if you grab the one time offer you will have png images as well. ...Vidstickers is something that we all need to have in our toolbox. Versatile and easy to use. ” Bronwyn Wilson


rick-neal"VidStickers Are The Bomb!
I love the animated faces, smooth graphics and it really touched my heart when I made an Animated Christmas Card using VidStickers graphics for my granddaughter and she called and told me she loves me and the card. That makes my day and week.
VidStickers are cool really easy to use. No looping issues just load and animate in Explaindio and in After Effects for some really attractive presentations.
Shelley you have a monster product here, I should have thought of this!"  Rick Neal, ProSlidePacks


Frances-Thorsen"VidStickers is a collection of eye-popping video animations you must have in your video library. Honestly, even a newbie can look like an accomplished video creator with easy-to-use VidStickers. These images are delicious to the last byte." Frances Flynn Thorsen, Real Estate Author and Video Creator


I’ve been marketing online and creating videos for a long time now. I’ve had to stay competitive and keep my clients happy along the way. So I’d like to think I know a fair bit now about what works and what doesn’t.

Video definitely works… if done right!

Don’t risk making more videos your viewers will just click away from because they’re distracted by something else.

Don’t risk all the time spent and hard work you put in going to waste because people lose interest.

Get VidStickers today and make videos that immediately grab, and keep, your viewers attention.

Get VidStickers today and skyrocket your video retention rates for maximum profit tomorrow and beyond.


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Adding sound effects at just the right spots can really make your videos pop. This FREE Bonus Pack of Video Sound Effects contains over 40 .mp3 files you can use to add that extra element to your next video project.


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If you have a technical issue with the product that can not be resolved by our tech department, we will refund your purchase in full within 30 days of purchase.

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Remember, with VidStickers you’ll have a way to not only make your videos stand out, but a way to grab, and keep, your viewers attention so they watch to the end.

You’ll never again have to experience that sinking feeling knowing people are clicking away before they’ve even heard your message. Turn your videos into attention grabbing, high converting, profit pulling machines with VidStickers.

To Your Success




P.S. If you’ve tried to make unique, attention grabbing and high converting videos before and failed, remember it’s not your fault. Add my secret ingredient to your videos today and start pumping out highly appealing cartoon videos that people actually want to watch to the end!